Excursion by local canoe

You will be picked up in a colourful canoe at the Lodge's beach by fishermen and brought to Mwaburugu, their village. You may explore the village on foot before they bring you back, singing their rhythmic melodies while they row. Your guide tells you about the different methods of fishing, the way of life in the village and the birds you see on the way. This trip is only scheduled mornings, when the lake is calm and the fishermen bring in their overnight catch. Each canoe can carry four persons.

Mountain bike trips

Venture out into the heart of Sukumaland by mountain bike. In the Masamba Hills the only means of transportation is a bicycle. That is why there are numerous small tracks and no cars. It gives a good picture of what most of Tanzania still looks like 'off the beaten track'. The guided trip takes about four hours and is best taken in the (late) afternoon. The effort it takes depends on your fitness and how frequent you want to rest. It is meant to be a leisurely trip, to experience Africa from a bicycle: the smells, the wind, the landscape and the people. You will be surprised what a different experience this is, and how much you now become part of the environment, instead of rushing by in a car. Towards the evening it gets cooler (the altitude is around 1200-meters/4000 ft above sea level), farmers work on their shamba's while singing, women in their colourful kangas come home from markets, shepherds bring their cattle back from grazing, people wave and children smile and greet you. The bike trips will be adjusted to the fitness level and wishes of each group.