Who we Are

The place is owned, built and run by a Dutch woman and two Dutch men. All three of us live at the Lodge, ensuring constant supervision and maintenance of the Lodge's high standards.
Our concern about the environment is evident in the harmonious way the Lodge blends into the surrounding savannah as well as the use of solar power and local materials.

Because we live here, and our company is small, we have to rely on the resources of the communities around us. We take an active part in developing the local economy, the hospital and a nearby school. Most of our staff is from the area around the hotel and are trained by us, which also works positively for the integration we emphasise.
For us this is not just an empty phrase you often find in tourist brochures; apart from our ideals and compassion, we also take an active part because of our own needs.

We underwrite the principles of Eco-tourism, which for us also means that people take their time to enjoy their stay, and are aware of the impact of their visit. For our canoe trip, we hire canoes from the village you will visit. Like this the local people see and experience the advantages of your visit. If we emphasise this by helping them with every new project, we create a kind of integration and acceptance beneficial for everybody. To make the most out of your stay, you need to spend at least two nights with us.

A canoe trip starts around 9.30 am, so you can take a leisurely breakfast. The lake is calm then and you can see the fishermen bring in their catch. We bicycle in the late afternoon, as it gradually becomes cooler. Or we take you out to spot some of the colourful birds in the surrounding savanna.

All of us are actively involved in your stay, you can talk to us, go with us on a tour and learn and experience more about Tanzania.